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Contract+ is an easy-to-use QOF management solution. It enables practices to maximise their QOF points, deliver top quality patient services and increase their income.

It allows practices to easily identify their current QOF status and the areas where more points can be gained. It also enables practices to look ahead, predicting where they will be on the 1st of April.

Contract+ is already in use at over 1,000 practices, providing QOF analysis on over 8 million patients.

Contract+ is the only third party QOF tool accredited by Connecting for Health. This accreditation enables us to implement the latest QOF rule sets, which means that practices are always working from the latest rules as soon as they are released.

Contract+ offers general practices the following advantages:

  • Achieve QOF performance with significantly less effort
  • Reduce missed opportunities with earliest access to new QOF rules
  • Clear visibility of largest QOF opportunities to target effort for reward
  • Clear notification of time critical QOF opportunities
  • Support for practice with accurate evidencing of QOF assessment
  • Eliminates wasted effort through sophisticated QOF analysis
  • Reduced patient consultations
  • Spreads workload through whole practice team and throughout year reducing administrative burden
  • Easy to use – easy to train
  • Intelligence customised by practice (e.g. LARC)
  • Flexible and comprehensive reporting, monitoring and forecasting

A summary of its benefits

Contract+ is the most complete QOF solution and is integrated with the clinical system.  Contract+ is an easy-to-use QOF Management solution that helps practices:

  • Improve patient experience and care
  • Use practice resources more efficiently
  • Maximise QOF performance and minimise end of QOF year activities

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