Controlled drugs in the Electronic Prescription Service

Progress of controlled drugs roll out

After a successful pilot in Bury and Salford, GP practices using Vision can now prescribe 2 and 3 controlled drugs (CDs) electronically via EPS, and Vision have approval for a national roll out.

Please Note - From the 1st April 2019 Pregabalin and Gabapentin are being reclassified as Schedule 3 Controlled Drugs. Click here for more details and to access the quick reference guide. 

Full details and further information can be found on the NHS Digital website here.

Vision Controlled Drugs roll out plan

The tables below show the roll out plan for the first Vision customers in England. 

Roll out Install date CCG area
Batch 1 05/03/2019 NHS Barking & Dagenham CCG
NHS Barnsley CCG
NHS Bexley CCG
NHS Birmingham and Solihull CCG: (NHS Birmingham CrossCity)
NHS Bolton CCG
NHS Brighton and Hove CCG
NHS Canterbury and Coastal CCG
NHS Coventry and Rugby CCG
NHS Croydon CCG
NHS Dartford, Gravesham and Swanley CCG
Batch 2 07/03/2019 NHS East Staffordshire CCG
NHS East Surrey CCG
NHS Gloucestershire CCG
NHS Greenwich CCG
NHS Guildford and Waverley CCG
NHS Haringey CCG
NHS Havering CCG

NHS Herefordshire CCG
NHS Herts Valleys CCG
NHS Horsham and Mid Sussex CCG
NHS Medway CCG
NHS Merton CCG
NHS Mid Essex CCG
NHS Newbury and District CCG
NHS Berkshire West CCG: (NHS North and West Reading CCG)

NHS Oxfordshire CCG
NHS Redbridge CCG
NHS Richmond CCG
Batch 3 11/03/2019 NHS Sandwell and West Birmingham CCG
NHS Shropshire CCG
NHS East Berkshire CCG: (NHS Slough CCG)
NHS Birmingham and Solihull CCG: (NHS Solihull CCG)
NHS South Kent Coast CCG
NHS Berkshire West CCG: (NHS South Reading CCG)
NHS St Helens CCG
NHS Thurrock CCG
NHS Warwickshire North CCG
NHS West Essex CCG
NHS West Kent CCG
NHS Wigan Borough CCG
NHS East Berkshire CCG: (NHS Windsor CCG)
NHS East Berkshire CCG: (Ascot and Maidenhead CCG)
NHS Berkshire West CCG: (Wokingham CCG)

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