Coronavirus guidance

Supporting patient care during the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak.


We have several solutions in place to help your GP practice and patients through the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak.

We will regularly update this page with the latest information and advice.

COVID-19 Q&A Webinar: Register for a free Q&A webinar at 10 am on Thursday 26 March. 

Working Remotely

To support the management of coronavirus and the possibility of: 

  1. surgeries closing to contain the spread of the virus
  2. surgery staff working from home due to self-isolation 
  3. re-introduction of retired clinicians in various shared and practice settings 

Vision can help GP practice staff maintain a business as usual approach to patient care using Vision 3 Remote Access and Vision Anywhere. We have provided some details on each option below.

Vision is supporting a national response and working with CCGs, Health Boards and national bodies to deliver their preferred method of remote patient record access.

Vision 3 Remote Access

You can access the full functionality of your GP practice Vision 3 account using a remote desktop connection. You will need the following in place to access Vision 3 remotely:

  • a Windows laptop/desktop PC
  • a security token to access your local NHS Network
  • and for customers in England, a Smartcard reader (so you can access national services such as electronic prescribing and eReferrals).

Vision Anywhere Mobile

Use Vision Anywhere on Windows, iOS and Android to access your practice appointments lists and patient records. 


From Vision Anywhere you can easily:

  • conduct telephone consultations directly from your device. See:
  • view a concise and useful summary of the patient record
  • complete a full consultation from one screen, with or without an internet connection
  • dictate notes straight into patient records 
  • record common observations quickly using predictive data entry
  • use data entry templates and alerts in conjunction with Vision+ and Outcomes Manager. 

Click here to download Vision Anywhere Android (Play Store)

Click here to download Vision Anywhere iOS (App Store)

Click here to enquire about the Windows version of Vision Anywhere

Vision Anywhere for Shared Care

Vision Anywhere for shared care allows all the functionality of Vision Anywhere mobile consultations (as detailed above) with the added value of sharing of patient appointments and records between different practices (including EMIS Web patient records).

Only appropriate data is shared, as agreed between health providers and as pre-defined in your data sharing agreements.


Click here to enquire about the Windows version of Vision Anywhere

Setting Up New and Returning Clinicians

Click here to see detailed instructions on how to set up new users in Vision 3 and Vision Anywhere. If you have clinicians who  are returning to work from retirement, you can easily update their old details and reactivate their account.

Clinical Pathway

To facilitate face-to-face and online patient consultations, as well as general monitoring of Coronavirus within your practice population, we have created a Coronavirus clinical pathway which includes guidance issued by NHS England. 

The data entry template, real-time patient specific-alerts and up to the minute reporting tool are all available in Vision 3 once SIS 10500 is installed on your Vision 3 system (estimated the end of March 2020).

A version of the data entry template is also available from Vision Anywhere version 3.3 .

A Vision 3 guideline is available now to download into Consultation Manager.

Vision + Coronavirus Patient Alerts and Reports

Coronavirus Patient Alerts will display when a patient is selected who has travelled to high-risk countries and need further assessment/monitoring (patient status can be gathered from patient SMS questionnaires see below). 


Use our Vision+ reports to assist with monitoring and recording of travel history in exposed areas.

Remember from the Vision + Coronavirus reports, and you can manage patients for:

Data Entry Templates

Vision + Coronavirus Template
Allows for quick and concise recording of travel history, vulnerability assessments, diagnostics and monitoring. The reports will help identify patients who may be eligible for a vaccine as and when it becomes available.


Vision Anywhere Coronavirus Template

Whether you are using Vision Anywhere as a means to access patient records whilst on the move, at home, in surgery or working as part of a shared care service, you can access the Coronavirus Template via Vision Anywhere.


See Vision Anywhere help page.

NB - Templates aren't accessible on Android devices.

Consultation Manager Guideline.

A Coronavirus guideline is available now to download into Consultation Manager.

Click here for instructions on downloading and importing guidelines.

Click here to download the guideline.



Reporting & Monitoring

In addition to the Clinical Pathway, we have also created a Coronavirus (COVID-19) Clinical Audit to help you report on and monitor Coronavirus patient care. This is generated automatically on a daily basis.

Click here to download the audit and here for instructions on how to download and import.

Remember, from Clinical Audit you can view and access affected patients, analyse prevalence, add patient reminders and use audit groups in ad-hoc search and reports. See the Clinical Audit help centre for further details.

SNOMED & Local Terms

We are now in the process of releasing new clinical terms to support the recording of Coronavirus across the Vision solutions. All countries (excluding Northern Ireland) now have access to the Coronavirus clinical terms in Vision 3.

For Vision Anywhere, Coronavirus clinical term codes are available for all versions and platforms. 

For Vision+, the Coronavirus clinical terms and hence the Coronavirus Pathway, will be available from SIS 10500 which will be released towards the end of March.

Click here to see the full list of codes. 

Online Patient Services

Changing Bookable Appointment Slots to Telephone/Online Consultations

It has been advised that patient consultations are conducted by telephone or online where possible. You can easily change your online appointment slots to show as telephone consultations on the Patient Services booking screen as follows:

  1. From the front screen of Vision, go to Control Panel - File Maintenance - Online – Appointments.
  2. Select the Slot Types tab.
  3. Select the slot types that you use online and change the wording in the VOS text box to Telephone Consultation.
  4. Click OK to Save.


Alternatively, you can create completely new appointments books. See Vision 3 Appointments or the new Appointment App for further detail.

Patient Messaging

For practices outside of Wales, you might want to take advantage of our patient messaging tool which allows for online instant messaging with your patients.

  • Help for practices is here.
  • Help for patients is here.


Text Messaging (SMS)


Text Your Patients - Use Our Vision+ SMS functionality to keep patients up to date with the latest surgery, local and national advice regarding Coronavirus. See the SMS help topics and helpful videos.

Send Coronavirus Health Questionnaires – why not create an SMS questionnaire which can be sent to selected patients within the Coronavirus report or any other group of patients. Patient responses are clinically coded back to their patient record. See the SMS Questionnaire help topics and helpful videos

Click here to submit a contact form to find out more about text messaging, and we'll be in touch. 

111 Messages (England)

As you will be receiving an influx of 111 messages relating to Covid-19, please click here for guidance on how to monitor and clinically code 111 messages with from both Mail Manager and Clinical Audit.

At Risk Patients (England)

Vision is aware of challenges related to the letter sent to patients last week and the guidance sent to GP practices by NHS England / BMA / RCGP at the weekend around identifying high-risk patients.

We have been in discussion with NHS Digital to seek clarification on a number of points:

  • Enabling clinicians to understand what clinical conditions have led to patients being marked as high-risk.
  • Understanding why some GP Patients are not included in the high-risk group and the process GP’s need to take to include those patients.
  • What responsibilities GP’s have with respect to contacting patients who they believe should be included.

We are awaiting guidance from NHS Digital and we advise practices NOT TO UNDERTAKE any activity until further guidance is forthcoming.

 We are working to provide you with a suite of searches/reports that will assist you in identifying vulnerable patients that have not been sent a letter centrally.

Vulnerable Patients (Scotland)

Coming soon!

Cegedim's Business Continuity Statement

Cegedim, the business that brings you Vision, has in place a well-established Business Continuity Plan, inclusive of pandemic impacts, which regularly undergoes testing as part of our ISO accreditation.

Cegedim's business continuity plan has been fully reviewed in the last few weeks to ensure that it will enable us to respond if necessary to either reduced staffing numbers and office closures. Including increased use of working from home options and relocating work in the event of an office closure.

As the situation in the UK develops, we will continue to review our operating status and share any actions we are taking to maintain all our contracted services. In the meantime, our business continues, as usual, your day-to-day points of contact remain unchanged.

Contact customer support

Customer Support is open 07:00-19:00 Monday to Friday and 09:00-13:00 on Saturdays for Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

In England the Customer Support has extended opening hours 06:30 - 20:30 every day.