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The Engage Touch patient check-in screen is a straight-forward system for patients to use.

Patients simply touch the screen and follow the steps to verify their identity and book in for their appointment. Over 66 million patients in surgeries across the UK have successfully checked in on one of our touchscreens.

In addition to check in, our software offers QoF data capture as standard, together with the ability to verify patients' contact details, enable flu jab reminders, gather Friends and Family Test information and send individual and generic patient messages.

Engage Touch fully integrates with both Vision LAN and AEROS. 

Each of our touchscreens is hand built and configured to your surgery's requirements here at our head office in North Norfolk. Because we design and build our screens, we are proud to offer a lifetime hardware warranty. This means that should your touchscreen develop a fault which we can't resolve remotely, we will replace the unit free of charge.

If you already have a patient check-in screen and would like to take advantage of the features our software has to offer, you can keep your existing hardware and we simply install our software. That way you reduce your capital costs and your surgery will realise all the benefits immediately.

Unlike our competition, we are a proud British company based in Norfolk. We're not part of a larger PLC or owned by an offshore company, so all our profits go back into the business, our local community and supporting our loyal customer base, rather than to anonymous shareholders.

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