Diabetes_Logo-new-strap-CMYK-02Diabetes UK Information Prescription update

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Diabetes UK have released new Information Prescriptions. The following Information Prescription templates have now been added: 

  • Diabetes and Kidney disease
  • Diabetes and Keeping your kidneys healthy
  • Diabetes and Contraception and pregnancy
  • Diabetes and Mood
  • Diabetes and Feet (low risk)
  • Diabetes and Feet (moderate/high risk)

Information Prescriptions are changing. Diabetes UK will collect data so they can understand the impact Information Prescriptions have on diabetes care. They will not be able to identify patients, but they can locate data from your practice. They will use the data to analyse uptake across the UK to see if Information Prescriptions can create a significant impact in promoting self-care to a person living with diabetes.

Patient data has already allowed Diabetes UK to make a huge difference to what we know about diabetes. It has already saved lives, through our research.

Diabetes UK will not share practice specific data with any other parties.

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Information Prescriptions are designed to give people with diabetes the information they need to understand and improve on their health targets. Click here to find out more. 


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