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Labeltrace is a low cost solution, requiring an investment of only a few hundred pounds to save hundreds of hours of staff time a year.

It uses the patient data held within Cegedim Healthcare Solutions and can be accessed directly from the consulting screen. Labeltrace requires as few as two mouse clicks to print a set of labels, which are delivered in seconds. Although developed for labeling request forms and specimens, you may design your own labels for mailing, registration and other purposes.

Labeltrace Features

  • Missing NHS/CHI numbers are highlighted
  • Quickest and simplest labeling system available
  • Full integration so you can print directly from Vision
  • Prints a variety of labels, from perforated labels for tubes to address labels

Labeltrace Benefits

  • Reduce form filling time by as much as 80%, freeing up clinical time
  • Avoid sending incomplete data to labs, reducing errors and duplicate records
  • Rapid return of investment – pays for itself in days not years

LabeltraceONE Appointment Cards

This enhances the existing appointment printing mechanism in Cegedim Healthcare Solutiosn system. It allows credit card sized appointment cards to be produced with the information shown in clear legible fonts and including logos, practice information and message lines – for a professional look.

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