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Lexacom is an advanced digital dictation and document creation system designed with the professional user in mind. With our easy to use workflow management, Lexacom helps you and your team work together, smarter, and is the ideal solution for organisations looking to improve their processes for transcribing dictations.

Lexacom 3 is our latest, all-encompassing platform and can be configured specifically for any organisational structure’s requirements. Jam packed with seamless integrations and additional services, with Lexacom you can share work between multiple sites using Lexacom Connect. The only provider to offer secure, cloud-based digital dictation processing, allowing multiple teams to access the same server, ideal for multi site working. Dictate on the move using the same secure cloud-based technology with Lexacom Mobile, perfect for home visits and extending your out of office efficiency. Outsource transcriptions at the touch of a button with Lexacom Scribe. Fully embedded within Lexacom, users can now switch between typing pools to assist with secretarial cover. Turn your voice into text and save time on clinical administration with Lexacom Echo, the latest in speech recognition technology.

Built by professionals, for professionals, we understand the importance of a seamless workflow, along with maximising resources, flexible working and robust security. Lexacom is also the leading digital dictation provider for primary care and is now trusted by around 60% of GPs in the UK.

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