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Telehealth Solutions (Part of the Microtech Group of Companies) are passionate about driving integration across health and social care.

Telehealth is a term used to describe remote health monitoring, and more specifically the technology that enables this monitoring. But to us it means so much more: it means empowerment and delivering tangible outcomes that benefit the health economy and individual patients. We have designed a Telehealth service that meets the needs of individuals and is adaptable to localised care pathways.

Our SurgeryPod solution is a user friendly system designed to aid patients and clinicians to collect data and monitor physical and psychological information. This is achieved via the measurement of vital signs and the use of validated health questionnaires. SurgeryPod can assist in achieving the indicators under the following clinical and public health domains: blood pressure monitoring, alcohol status, height, weight & BMI, contraceptive pill check and smoking.

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