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Vision Anywhere Webinar

We hosted a webinar on Tuesday 28th April, that covered Vision Anywhere, the mobile solution for accessing and adding information to patient records.


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Bradley Sieve

Bradley Sieve

Trainer @ Vision

Previously coming from a troubleshooting background for over 17 years. Bradley has worked with Vision for over 22 years and enjoys providing professional training and consultancy services. Has a good sense of humour, enjoys skiing, tennis, walking and finding solutions wherever they may be. It's in his DNA!

Jim Holden

Jim Holden

Trainer @ Vision

Jim has worked in varied training environments for over 25 years. Firstly with the Armed Forces Medical Service and with Vision for the last 18 years. During this time with us he has worked with individual practices, CCG's, Health Boards and at an NHS level on Clinical software projects and program roll outs. Jim is an Internal Training Mentor and Assessor, has worked on 'Train the Trainer' projects in England and Wales. He also carries out audit work and training for practices improving summarising data capture and increasing prevalence.

Vision Anywhere webinar. Tuesday, 28th April 2020, 10am & 2pm

You Will Learn how to…

  • Obtain and install the software
  • Log in for access to Vision Anywhere
  • Access patient records ad hoc
  • Access patient records from an appointments list
  • Read the current patient record easily
  • Start an encounter with a patient
  • Add information and medication to patient records
  • Initiate Test Requests
  • Add basic referral letters
  • Access information recording templates (Covid-19 template will be used as an example)
  • Medication Screen Management of repeat medications
  • Closing down encounters without leaving records open

Who Should Attend?

Relevant to all staff involved in reading and/or writing to patient records who need to do so without access to Vision 3 system.

How Long is the Training?

The training session is approximately 40+ minutes and will be recorded. There will also be the opportunity to ask questions.

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