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[Case Study] Improving Patient Access in West Kent with Vision

Improving patient access to services has become a key primary care objective. Cegedim Healthcare Solutions for Federations has helped West Kent Health to improve the delivery of a number of shared services, from diabetes clinics to out of hours appointments.

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[Webinar] An Introduction to the new Welsh Desktop

This webinar aimed to make sure that practice staff in Wales could navigate the new desktop environment and quickly find practice documents. Watch the recording of the webinar which took place on 23rd July 2020.

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[Webinar] Wales Update

An update webinar on the progression being made by Vision for Wales and a Q&A which took place on the 16th July 2020

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[Case Study] Manage Your Surgery Intuitively with Vision Appointments

Even before the challenges created by COVID-19, GP practices were exploring a new era of fast, effective and intuitive appointment systems. For Leith Surgery in Leith, Edinburgh, this involved the transition to Vision Appointments

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[Webinar] Vision Appointments

See how easy to use and intuitive the new Vision Appointments system is, in our webinar which took place on the 12th May 2020.

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[Webinar] Vision Anywhere

Watch our webinar hosted on Tuesday 28th April, that covered Vision Anywhere, the mobile solution for accessing and adding information to patient records.

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[Webinar] Covid-19 Update for Scotland

Find out how GP practices in Scotland are working remotely during the coronavirus outbreak, and what technology essentials you need for remote care.

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[Webinar] Remote Working in England

Find out how GP practices in England are working remotely during the coronavirus outbreak, and what technology essentials you need for remote care.

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[Webinar] Wales - Working Remotely During the Covid-19 Outbreak

Register to watch our webinar from Tuesday 7th April. Join us to discover how GP practices in Wales are working remotely during the coronavirus outbreak.

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[Webinar] SMS Text Messaging

We hosted a webinar on Friday 27th March, that covered how to send texts to your patients to keep them up-to-date with the latest surgery, local and national advice.

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[Blog] Covid-19 Frequently Asked Questions

To help you understand everything you need to know about Covid 19, we have collated some of the most frequently asked questions

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Vision+ Template Design Webinar recording

We recently hosted a webinar that showed you how to standardise your data entry, promote consistency and encourage best practice by using the Vision+ Template Design tool.

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[Report] Population Health Management: Planning Not to Fail

Download the practical guide to designing population health programmes at primary and primary care network (PCN) level.

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[Blog] Joining up healthcare across South West London

Vision has connected 21 GP practices to a Cerner Health Information Exchange (HIE) commissioned by South West London Health and Care Partnership.

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Latest Coronavirus Guidance

We have several solutions in place to help your GP practice and patients through the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak. We will regularly update this page with the latest information and advice.

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[Blog] Go West for Primary Care Network Interoperability (PCNs)

Read how the first wave of Primary Care Networks (PCN) are now offering patients new services and tackling the challenge of interoperability very differently.

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[Blog] How to Get Practices Coding and Singing from the Same Hymn Sheet

Vision enables you to harmonise the reporting of practices across CCG's even when you think it isn’t possible because your surgeries use different systems.

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[Blog] First Global Digital Exemplar Contract for Vision

Russell Blackmore, Commercial Director of Vision, explains why Vision’s first secondary care customer demonstrates the company’s commitment to innovation.

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[Case Study] Improve access for rural communities. Save time and ease pressure on GPs.

Vision’s patient record sharing is allowing community nurses in the rural village of Letham to improve care for local patients. Access to healthcare services has improved, the utilisation of the nurse-led clinic has quadrupled, and the community nurses’ caseload has halved.

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[eBook] Designing a Vision of intelligent healthcare

This eBook has been created to give you an insight into the design principles we have used with Vision

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[Case Study] Download the Greenwich CCG case study

Vision and Greenwich CCG worked closely to build and implement a tailor-made solution that truly delivered what was needed, both at a CCG level and at an individual practice level.

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[eBook] Introduction to Population-Level Healthcare Management

Population-level Healthcare Management enables this collection and analysis, and also encourages standardised care and compliance with local pathways and policies across care providers.

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[Case Study] NHS Highland Polypharmacy Medication Reviews

The NHS Highland pharmacy team now uses Vision Anywhere during remote medication reviews. They can conduct the reviews from any location. Pharmacists have sight of medical records and can add details of interventions. There is no longer a need to travel to each GP practice to see their patients.

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Richmond GP Alliance (RGPA) is first with end-to-end GP Interoperability

The Richmond GP Alliance have announced that staff working at its hubs are the first to view to the electronic medical records stored in the Vision system.

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[Infographic] Sharing patient records with Vision

Shared patient records underpin the new models of care, allowing the whole healthcare team to collaborate, using one set of electronic patient records. Take a look at the infographic to find out how Vision's record sharing makes it easy to control the data you make available to local care services.

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[Webinar] Find. Intervene. Analyse. See the sense of population health

Dr Jonathan Behr is Vision's Chief Medical Officer. In this short video from the HSJ website, he describes the benefits of adopting population health.

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